Meet one of the Leading GRC, GRP, Fibre Glass Manufacturer in UAE

The Company

Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of Fibre Glass Products, GRP Tanks and Sectional Tanks. Our welltrained technicians with an advanced technology provided our clients with a very high quality product and it is as per British Standard (BS) 4994.


Our main target is to keep our customers always satisfied and to provide them the best possible service. We are fully committed to render to the customers, good value for their money and to appear their needs even at the shortest notice with quality products at their door steps.

Our participation in big sewerage projects is due to technically qualified manpower to the satisfaction of Consultants and Contractors. Years of research and development have resulted in improved quality products. Also our research and development will result in introducing soon several new products in the market. The product is made according to customer’s design specifications.


Our company is also in the field of GRP LINING of superior and long term Performance with high quality durable materials for RCC Tanks, Swimming Pool, Drainage manholes, Pipelines and Mild Steel Tanks.

Our Vision & Mission

Thomson FZE’s mission is to grow and develop our company to become a respected major international manufacturer and technical leader in the Fibre Glass industries, growing the Thomson brand and exports worldwide, providing acceptable returns to our shareholders and allowing our employees to achieve their objectives. We will achieve this by listening to our customers and employees, providing cost effective quality products that are sustainable, have the minimum impact possible on the environment, are suitable for the proposed application, and investing heavily in marketing, product development and testing. We will ensure that our cost base, manufacturing processes and business systems will be as effective as possible to allow us to focus on achieving sales growth to ensure that our planned profits, international expansion and growth are achieved.


We will be the international technology leader in sustainable Fibre Glass Manufacturing. We will consider sustainability and the environment is everything we do.

It is the policy of the Thomson FZE to operate its business in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the quality standards required by its stakeholders – being customers, suppliers, end users, industry regulators, local & national authorities and the communities. The Company is committed to continuously improving the quality of Company operations and the services and strive to:

  • Identify the changing needs and expectations of our customers;
  • Maintain processes and procedures which ensure that these changes are accommodated;
  • Provide products and services on time and at the lowest cost;
  • To be considered as an industry leader with regard to quality if product and service within the construction chemicals and related industries
  • Provide an employment environment where continuous improvement is encouraged;
  • Train and motivate all staff to actively participate in meeting the requirements of this policy.

  • Caring for the environment and the prevention of pollution.
  • Abiding by all relevant environmental legislation and applicable requirements.
  • Minimising waste, promoting recycling, reducing energy and raw material consumption and reducing harmful emissions.
  • Working with suppliers to promote positive environmental actions.
  • Continually improving our environmental performance by setting objective, actions and targets.
  • Operating at higher than industry standards and being considered as an innovative contributor to green building and sustainable construction.
  • Communicating our policy within our organisation and to the public.

Everyone is responsible for the environmental aspects of the company and for reducing their impact on our planet.


  • Successfully managed a diverse range of projects from conception through implementation.
  • Effectively prioritized and organized workloads in a constantly changing environment to meet daily and weekly schedules.
  • Creative and energetic, capable of sustained effort necessary to see a project through from conception to completion.
  • High motivational level, excellence of leadership technique, and professional attention to detail supplemented by the ability to influence and stimulate others.
  • Organized and implemented and efficient work flow system that resulted in significant cost savings.
  • Reorganized department for more productive operation, including providing faster service with less returns.

meet Our Team


Team of Professional

Managed by experts

Our company is incorporated with group of Engineers, Quality Control Staff and Qualified Technicians. The production financial capacity of our company is One Million Dirham’s per month and our products are reaching to all the customers without any delay and difficulty.